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Karthik Sundar: His live performances hold the attention of the audience through his narrations on different styles of Hip-Hop music.

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When Karthik Sundar Gubbi started rapping in 2006, his parents questioned how rapping would help him in the future. They probably never thought that their son would make a name for himself in this field and become a role model to many other rap-loving youngsters. But that’s exactly what happened. Gubbi started his journey with rap text battles in English where he was part of several groups on social media. As the platform closed permanently, I moved to rap. My career started with rapping in English, but a friend of mine introduced me to the trend of rapping in regional languages like Tamil and Punjabi. Although he did say that it might not work well in Kannada. I took it as a challenge and started rapping in Kannada in 2009 and now, I’m more comfortable with it,” says Gubbi.

Music with multilingual lyrics, and the rap from Gubbi

Karthik is using many languages in a script of lyrics as a lyricist, rapper, and composer and writes the lyrics in Kannada, English, Hindi, and Germany too in Bangalore. he is the first to use literature Kannada in his lyrics it may fact. His rap was started in 2007 on rap text war rap that was popular on social sites. he wrote his first Kannada-English rap which was just showcased to be his style, to sifting two or more languages. His inspirations being EMINEM and J.Cole, his content varies from serious conscious rap to comical renditions on south Indian beats. His live performances hold the attention of the audience through his narrations on different styles of Hip-Hop music. He is also part of the Hip-Hop act “Madura Gowda and Gubbi”.

SINGLES Tracks From Gubbi

2014 in Prove You Wrong
Outta This World in 2015 with Amma.
Tejas Shankar in 2016
Naadamaya 2016
Sanna Sanna Maathu in2018
Yelli Maga Gubbi? in 2019

History of ALBUM

Who are you? Naanu Gubbi! (2019)
Hallalle – Titlu Beka(Pathayeram Kodi)- Pathayeram Kodi(Tamil) (2013) Hallalle – Titlu Beka? (Kannada) (2015) Geluva Daari – Plus(Kannada)(2015) Coma Promo song – Coma(Kannada) (2016) Kanasina (Remix) – Srinivasa Kalyana (2016) Naa Tumba Hosaba Bossu – Padde Huli(Kannada) (2019) and others…

“Rap is a competitive genre of music, a healthy one of course

Kannada rap is what Gubbi predominately does. also, Gubbi started off writing raps in 2007 for a college competition. duo act, NEO FATAL. Neo Fatal has done a lot of fundraisers along with the NGO, Lakshy. They have even shared the stage with famous Indian Bands like “Thermal and a Quarter” and have done events for Twitter too! Ever since he has been entertaining the crowd with his Kannada-English raps, connecting to a crowd of all age groups, and has also encouraged a lot of people to learn the Kannada language. and he performed the german rap in german.

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