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Viraj Kannadiga: the SILENT guy with ‘rap’ in his vein

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Viraj Kannadiga is Kannada’s latest jazzy music emotional, which has graph up in an absurd number of counts for just about every Kannada rap number that he has recorded and uploaded on social media. Better feeling similar to Fullu Feelings and the fan-way taagaru Kannada rap song, ViRaj’s latest number — Juice Kudithiya — is the new party anthem at some of the coolest dos among localities in Bengaluru.

Be like Viraj Kannadiga when you are in failure

broken heart couples is a subject is that most of think people relate to — from school or college-goers and teenagers to working professionals and, probably, even our seniors. That’s why the number struck the right chord.

Yes. most people could say that the lyrics were savage. However, these words also linked statements that say all women are not out to break you feeling. the one who believes and one has to consider the fact that one cannot please everyone. I just try to listen to the feedback people are giving me and I learn from that. he takes it as constructive words of criticism so he can work on how to consider them too good with my next project.

Full Feelings music gives how to overcome the love failure, also tells us this is not the final. full feelings boost you all that face everything and achieve it, It automatically follows you in the all by the way.


Love failure is a subject that most people related concerned about failure. this independent rapper sets a trend according to the situation.

He watched video editing tutorials online and made our first few videos.

Yes, Viraj discovered Eminem and fifty cents watched closely and started with experimenting with rap, even planned to collaborate with the friend’s circles made him be a inde-rapper in the Kannada.

Whats’Next Song / Music Video & when will be released

He passionate about acting and also working on new coming projects. he quit the job in 2009 to work as the assistant director but it shows negative again went for the job while the same making of short films and combine the rap coming up with pretty content of music videos and upcoming project are Juice Kudithiya and other projects.

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