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Rahul Dito also called as G’ rapper, he is a singer, lyrics and also tracks will be like art rap, himself called the phrase “Kannadada first G’rapper” After the album Urban lads, and also Rahul dito one of the All ok’s Team when its come to dito’s music most track makes a big boom and also times of dispute of songs and lyrics like nangansiddu is gone media viral on rap and controversy with CS Rapper while in Bigboss show in Kannada.

We respect you! Recollect, no matter how hard it is, and no offense to anyone because “Id u non gee a Sidhu ” !!- By Rahul dito nangesidhu is confusion misleading and lead to unnecessary talks people to people I was showered with hatred ness, personal trolls & discouragements for Rap also began to gain momentum.

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Very much in Karnataka, the transmit to start out Kannada Rap culture began. Rakesh Adiga and his crew, are the primary team to start out the design of tracks that had a couple of essence and taste of rap, and that they build the URBAN LADS band in 2008 Alok and dit-o nan Kannadiga also a part of that crew which was inspired to dit-o to start the rap culture in Kannada.

Rahul Dito set about the profession as most rapper album Urban lads hip-pop Kannada belong life and Career in Kannada rap

Rahul dito his completed education at Vijaya degree college. after University he worked in a call center after days goes on he waiting for a better opportunity. however, he joins the all ok’s team to begin the career as most Kannada rapper album Urban lads’ Kannada hip-pop and also same, while he forwarded the new platform play rappers with despite new lyrics in Kannada. Finally, All OK helped write, direct, and create several independent music videos in Karnataka and India that have gone viral. The media has reported many of his works.

Here comes the list of Kannada Rap from Rahul Dito’s channel:

    Dito the past Kannada rap song track nan gan sid u came out it caused a huge amount of chaos, misunderstandings and lead to unnecessary talks from people to people. I was showered with hatred ness, personal trolls & discouragements for just speaking out the truth.
    Salam raki Bhai is music track is a carries to the hero Yash starred by Star Yash for of sandalwood film industry Kolar Gold Field seasons one the music label
  3. BRUH BRUH – RAHUL DITO (Sandeep lyrics)
    Bruh-Bruh single is to showcase the talent, soon displays to notwithstanding, for all that, Team All ok, and this song wrote by one of just like his older brothers chirayu’s friend but eventually, dito took the song by his own hand.
    Collaboration with MC Bijju & S I D
    Rahul C has different two types of shapes and faces in his latest rap Thalmey in Kannada. in his para lyrics are just like directly express from hi previous feels that no one trusts the rappers surrounded by us and main intention his primary music is to inspire every rap-artist even though most of us sad or worried, double, double game,even backstabbing, failures, and others…To overcome all of this situation you are in right place. early Thalme agodella olledakke… Peace- By Dit-O

Moreover about Rahul dito is creating controversy and he has more than 30 above channels on youtube and Instagram page 16 to more channels are fanmade apart from that he needs to go a unique way

Artist Note: Let Us know if any alter or modify the content.

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