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PAPI CHIRAYU: RAPPER MADDY hip-hop oldschool

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 Chirayu is also called Pappi chirayu he is a Rapper, lyricist from Bangalore who was born on the 11th of September 1996.
Pappi chirayu is generally solid in verses and furthermore a contender, he made different rappers to look towards him. This maddy released a song CHIRAYU – NANK [Diss Rap] hip-hop old school on his channel CHIRAYU RECORDS in 2018, however, the above song was viral as dis towards Chandan Shetty and also dis-lyrics himself.

NANK [Diss Rap] is for 18+ aged People Only

Nin Am a__ hook has created a controversy and also explicit advice for those who are listening to the music under the TAPANG BEATS PRESENTS, most of the people are shown disagree towards the song because of Explicit hook called NANK. lyrics, vocal, performed and directed by the Papi Chirayu and also in the NANK lyrics has to diss towards cha*dan and while social media has rolled and trolled him like roasted from chindi chittrana by having warned about the word mother.

Kannada hip-hop Oldschool

He is good at kannada lyricism ? or the flow of kannada ?

Rappers are silent for a while and looked towards him when NANK has released on the youtube channel CHIRAYU RECORDS and started a positive and negative comment for NANK. later he released a Diss King for the rapper Rahul Dito, in the rap diss king music track has strong lyricism which is a fact about the situation.

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