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Neen Yaro Kelokke? Official music video release on DC Records By chirayu which was produced by Dinicini Creations and spread wide By own label DC Records, Magically colorist Sanju (Pulp Studio), edited by V Mad Studio, sound by JK Jeevan with mastering and mixing by darshan Kumar, and vinoodVk designed the NEEN YARO KELOKKE? and Yogesh Bhonsle’s director of photography, Production manager adhvik, producer Dinesh V moreover the whole team a great deal of effort of NEEN YARO KELOKKE?

Concept of Video Music NYK

Here come a few lines the concept of NYK – I like to do as my wishes as such happiest way while you are you questioning me? it’s my opinion to take a good vide or bad. on circumstances, you are not taking care of the bad situation even I don’t care now. Real friends are genuine to take care of good things…In this regards the team brings a great deal of hard work of good music video Neen Yaro Kelokke.
The music video is already Out on DC records YouTube channel… pls watch and support the Artist.


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