Mc bijju is a lyrically straightforward and down-to-earth human.

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As you know all that practical jokes or the pranks made on April 1st  and its annual custom celebrate through often reveal their effort with a loud voice “April Fool” at donee and he will either be foolishness or revenge to take a couple of weeks to reveal at in any day of the month of April.

Traditionally April fools day celebrated by millions and through out the world to being a silly to loved one and there is no age barrier can target anyone for fools gag and also held responsible for there own foolishness whether you are the foolee or the fooler.

Rapper Mc Bijju’s latest track ‘Kaage’ with association with Cool Lip Music. His lyrically straight forward and down to earth human, he released the track on April First of 2021 in channel of cool lip music. Lyrics and performed by Mc Bijju, music by LOBO, Edited by Yusuf Sheikh, story screenplay by kaushik, director is Suraj Shivkumar totally Cool Lip Music has come up legit track.

Most of viewers, relating to with Drone Prathap because he has flewed with color color Kaage that he has invented the 600 drone.

However, It’s setting playlists on fire. Catch MC Bijju’s latest track ‘Kaage’ in association with Cool Lip Music.

Lyrics and performed by MC Bijju
D.O.P – Suraj Shivkumar Beats by LOBO
Edited By Yusuf Sheikh
Story & Screenplay by Kaushik
Special Thanks:- Spoorthi Ramita S.I.D Martin Yo Lazy B Raathee Rapper Jugru J.O.Y Yung Jeevi Aenumee

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