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In the rap game “All ok ” is the most unique rapper, he recognized sound producer the actor, singer in his own production. with own production, teams are ditto mc Biju martin and other titles are nan Kannadiga, young ego 1&2, don’t worry Deja u Telegu & Canada version, yanking Urban Lads. hip-pop starts to gain strength, Karnataka, Good vibes to start his tradition Rap culture began. Rakesh Adige and his team members tied themselves to bring the style of track, which makes sound good to few essence and taste of hip-pop with they ultimately build the URBAN LADS band in 2008. The album, which was host by the band was an “EXPLOSION 1”, which received an overwhelming response in Karnataka.

All Ok how he began Early life.

As days, education completed by pursued his distance BBM degree in the city of the university at Bangalore. Pre-university was in Sri Bhagavan Mahaveer Jain College in Jayanagar. His family, father Ramesh babu is a businessman, and mother Tara is a home wife, He has 1 young sister Ankita. He got married to Nisha. Bring rise hand towards Kannada’s rap young hang-go. He led a background singer in hip-pop Kannada. he builds album urban lads, he acted 1 among leaded character in Kannada hit film josh. he exclusively told DHH, made him do this track, “I choose not to make dis tracks as I always choose to stay away from negative and people spread it. Diss tracks bring comparison to hate and false pride! I mean why do we put someone down to prove u are better?

All Ok how he began the Profession

All ok began his work as leaded vocalist song in hip-pop Kannada. He acted in twenty-five movies in five various tones like Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam. He brings a music video with their own house production, including as many in reliant rapper’s music videos, he made non-Kannadiga has gone viral in Karnataka and India. Many of his production are covered by their media. All OK vision to bring songs to near the next level. just as he attempts among his famous tracks, don’t worry, loudly hooked at BBC Radio London hosted by favored, RJ Ashanti Omkar. To begin, releases song worry about song. Which was inspired!
and namely, rappers are like Gubbi, bro DHA v, and a big deal.

He acts film like Aitalakadi, if School Days, Keretam, Yuvan, Mandahaasa Ninnindale, Gajakesari, Siddhartha, Pataki, Tarak, and others.
he is all set to return to the here small screen on October 13. Just like previous editions, the list of the contestants of this season is already doing look rounds on social media. even so, it has happened to others.
how do you prevent listeners from songs from losing track? How do you keep songs engaged?

Here comes the list of Kannada Rap from All Ok’s Channels:

  1. Young Engo: dedicated to people who are in a confused mind
  2. Young Engo Ft. Yo rappers, sid, MC & RjP, Amogha – Kannada Rap
  3. Young Engo Ft. RJ Pradeepu, martin luter yo, Siddarth, Natarajan Bijju & Amoghas – Kannada Rap
  4. #Kannada Alok Ft. sid, martin Yoy, Bijju, lethal A
  5. All ok – ammo- smallest rapper in Kannada
  6. Babu – mayday, gives to unsung legends.
  7. all ok – official hymn Ft at near rapper HipHop Kannadigaru made Bangalore bulls app – professional kabaddi lig
  8. University hymn ft Biju – university song
  9. Nan Kannadiga ft Rahul Dit-o, MC Biju
  10. Vegadutha – ft sid, Biju
  11. Sid – hundred entertainment – comedy spoof DÉJÀ VU – TRIPPY KANNADA MUSIC VIDEO (Telugu & Kannada)
  12. ka 01 – all ok produced Howdy, Dit-O.
  13. all ok – kazero one – Aj, martin luter yo- Neha and others

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KA 01 – Song box – all ok productions

  1. the all ok -music rap song, lethal Dj Dit-o, mc others
  2. Mothers(“Taye”) is a song which inspirational (to shows the respect towards mother)
  3. None siddur, newly music song, by Dj A
  4. Hymn – e sally cups name which been ryal challenge Bangalore
  7. Mariamman Disco Teaser Hindi Telugu Tamil Kannada

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