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Gun Speed Lyrics commonly called Machine Gun Mc Bijju Hah

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Bijjalaa Nataraja also know as MC Bijju he is a local Rapper, Lyrics writer for his own songs, and sound Composer. Nataraja is also known by his nickname ” gun machine” cause of his chopper flow. MC Bijju rose to fame in the music industry with his work in the independent artist collaborated Kannada album ”KA 01”, especially ”Naan Kannadiga” which has over 4M views on Youtube. It can be safely said that MC Bijju has put Kannada rap on the map.

M C Bijju also one of Nan Kannadiga, Urban Lads. Rap also started to gain momentum. Especially in Karnataka, the vibes to start Rap culture began. Rakesh Adiga and his crew, are the first team to start the style of tracks that had a few essence and taste of rap and they build the URBAN LADS band in 2008 Alok and dit-o was also part of that crew which was inspired dit-o to start the rap culture in Kannada.

Gun Machine

Gun Speed Lyrics commonly called Machine Gun Mc Bijju Hah?

Another name for Natarajan is Shatabdi Express or machine gun, In any of Mc Bijju’s Music videos is main content is strong lyricism as a gun bullet bit-interpretation of the flow, but Bijju has more fan base in Bangalore then compare to others.

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