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Gagan Words That Rhyme With “RcBian” Fans

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Gagan Gowda is Also known as Gagan Kannada rapper he is a newly introduced artist in Kannada rap as an indie-rapper, born in Chikmagalur. As new talented people is rising day by day, while rapper Gagan also one of the best rapper In Chikmagalur Karnataka who is entertaining us and hold up the good quality lyricist in Kannada, album maker, singer and also event manager.

“NAMBIKE” – Believe in yourself. is the first Kannada rap from Gagan, with direction and editing by Abhijit Prasad and his friend Akshith KJ and music by RP Beats in Silent Studio?

“RcBian” – Ee Saala Cup Namde. while Royal Challengers Bangalore is ready to boom the match, Gagan pre-planned the RcBian Song to entertain the RCB Fans. In this connection, Gagan released the RCBain Kannada rap song from his channel GAGAN KANNADA RAPPER. The audience is engaging the music and showing a good response.


A day after the RCB match going to start E sala cup namde Gagan rapper released an RCBian song the audience were happier which good sign of positive E sala cup namde.

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  1. Good luck gagan Kannada Rapper..u r the best Kannada Rapper, especially the lyrics is awesome man..keep rocking and entertaining us.. good luck

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