Shreyas Hoskere

First Rap / Hip-hop by Shreyas Hoskere – Auto Soori

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  1. Name: Shreyas Hoskere
  2. DOB:
  3. Qualification:
  4. Occupation(s):  Musician, sax virtual, Tyros, Karnatic classical
  5. Labels:  Hoskere Projects
  6. Album: Musical
  7. Friendly troop:

Shreyas Hoskere is a musician, plays an instrument like a sax virtual, Tyros Music (Playing on AKAI – EWI 5000) in sax virtual instrument he brings up to on EWI 5000 and magically plays the Karnatic classical fusion with music support on Tyros 2.
Those days, the journey of Kannada Rap Culture was overcoming. On Jun 16, 2007. Shreyas was released 1st rap/hip-hop (“Auto Soori”) Music video by Vivek on his YouTube channel name called Shreyas Hoskere. Later Rakesh Adige and his team members tied themselves to bring the style of track, which makes sound good to a few essence and taste of hip-pop with they ultimately build the URBAN LADS band in 2008. However, Shreyas Hoskere made the First rap/hip-hop in his history Kannada rap in Karnataka.

First hiphop kannada in history of kannada rap field Jun 16, 2007

Auto Soori

Published on Jun 16, 2007

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