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Chirayu – 1996 Prod. Vijeth Krishna [Official Music Video]

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Diss king is back after many days, bring a track called Chirayu – 1996 and Music produced by 3Peg Vijeth Krishna and master and mixing by his friend Nithin Shivram, the wave track of Chirayu -1996, most of the fans are confused because song title called 1996, few of them guesses that 1996 is the birthday of chirayu but artist chirayu expresses that 1996 is how imaginary of past video may appear in 1996 presented now, like video glitch, effect, etc.. and other side 11th of September 1996 chirayus birthday.

Is dis king made a Dis track chirayu 1996?

chirayu made a live-in Instagram and main reasons to announce the Chirayu 1996 track released on 07 of April many of engaged and inquiry is the song all about dis? there is no intention to make dis on others it should be a reason to do dis king says by chirayu and spent a lot of time with viewers by answering the questions.

Written and Performed: Chirayu Music Produced: Vijeth Krishna Additional Programming: Nithin Shivaram Mix mastering: Vijeth Krishna and Nithin Shivaram Direction: A DOP: Sanju Editing & VFX: VMAD Studios Colouring: Pulp Studio Posters: Cool poison Special thanks to Rapper Ro & Team.

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